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About 3 years ago, while I was watching Christian Television, the Holy Spirit told me that the individual I was listening to was teaching psychology.  A few days after that, while I was looking at Christian television again, the Holy Spirit told me that another individual was teaching psychology, too.   I told my husband what the Holy Spirit told me, and I did not think about this anymore.   A few weeks ago, in November 2017, I was watching a video in which someone highly praised one of these individuals, which led me to inquire of the Lord.   The Lord immediately reminded me of the message He gave me 3 years ago concerning these two individuals.    Now I am embarrassed to let you know that I thought that one of these individuals was teaching something good, and if I thought this I believe that some of you have probably thought the same thing, too.   The only reason I wasn’t fooled is because I have the Holy Spirit and he speaks and reveals things to me, and he will do the s