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If you are beating up the maidens or women-servants of the Lord as well as his men-servants, the Lord has given me this word for you, He said that He will come in an hour that you do not expect him to and , “He will cut you in sunder and appoint you your portion with the unbelievers.” Luke 12:46   I think you know what this means!  Unbelievers will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven nor have an inheritance in it, and in this case, to be absent from the body will not be present with the Lord!  Moreover, the will that the Father has for His Son Jesus to raise you up again in the last days will not help because of the sin.  Parents could have a will for their children to be lawyers but that does not mean it will happen?  The parable in Luke 12 also tells us that the servant whom the Lord finds doing His will is blessed and will be promoted forever.      It further explains that the servant who knew the Lord’s will and did not prepare himself neither did according to His