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David used the words perfect, righteous, and upright all in the same sense in Psalm 64, which tells me that they are all synonyms. A perfect woman, is a righteous woman, a righteous, is an upright woman.    So, if the Devil is using anyone to tell you that God doesn’t want you to be perfect.  They are telling you God doesn’t want you to be righteous and they also telling you that God does not want you to be upright.  Therefore, just know that this is a set up to cast you into hell, and then the Lake of Fire after the Judgment. Jesus’ return is nearer than before and the Devil has ramped up activities of deception against the children of God to get us cast into hell.  It makes perfect sense for him to use some well-known, influential ministers. Children of God can be used by the Devil, too. Peter allowed Satan to use him to tell Jesus not to go to the cross, and he did it for selfish reasons.   This led Jesus to tell Peter that he savored the things of men more than the