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TO BE HUMBLE IS TO BE COURTEOUS . According to online, the definition for courteous is having or showing good manners; polite.   Ø Calling people by their names is one way of showing good manners. In some cases, if it is against someone’s culture; then use a courteous suitable alternative, such as sister, brother, pastor, and so on.  I once knew a woman who used to walk up to me all the time and just begin a conversation without calling my name.  I called her by her name; but for whatever reason she couldn’t find something to call me, and when she did address me, she said something that looks like this “Ehy!”  I found it rude and disrespecting.  People love to hear their names and need to be addressed by them. Not doing so seems to me, to be a great disservice to them; but more than that, it is a sheer disregard to the precedent that the Almighty God set in the book of Genesis, chapter one, when He named the things He created; then passed it on to Adam wh