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Many years ago, while preparing to go to church, I found myself diligently memorizing a Bible verse.  I did not know why I was doing it so diligently before church time, but I was just doing it. I arrived at church on time for Sunday School, and I was asked to share a Bible verse with them.  I proudly opened my mouth and said, “Proverbs 3:35 tells us, “The wise shall inherit glory; but shame shall be the promotion of fools.”    Throughout life, we are handed these few moments of glory; but none of them surpasses the glory of getting to heaven, which is going to be the ultimate promotion of the wise.   At that time I had a vague understanding of what this verse meant, and I am so glad that I was not asked to explain it because glory could have turned to shame. The Holy Spirit had prepared me, and I give God the glory for Him.   PRIDE Proverbs 3:35 tells us that the promotion of fools is shame.  So what are the things that bring shame to our lives? One of them is