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Matthew 19:16-26 tells us what a person has to do to inherit eternal life.  When asked by the young rich ruler what good things a person needed to do to inherit eternal life or be saved, Jesus replied in verse 17, “Keep the commandments.”   The young rich ruler then asked him in return which ones?  He replied, “Do not commit murder.  Do not commit adultery.  Do not steal.  Do not bear false witness (tell lies).  Honor your father and mother.  Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Learn the 10 commandments in Exodus 20) The young rich ruler then stated he kept all of them from his youth up and the Bible said, “then Jesus beholding him loved him” (Mark 10:21).  If he was not telling the truth Jesus would have let him know. You know Jesus.  He is not afraid to tell others about sin.   The young rich ruler then asked Jesus if he lacked anything else to inherit eternal life. Jesus replied to him that if he desired to be PERFECT, that he should sell all that he had and give it to t