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Genesis 21:9 “And Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, which she had born unto Abraham, mocking.”  Women like Hagar, get a kick out of doing evil.  When one plan fails, rest assured another one is brewing.   So, Hagar gets ahold of Ishmael and puts him up to mock Isaac.   Sarah saw it.  Took it to Abraham and protested that she cannot take it anymore, Hagar must be sent away.  Abraham listened, but was unwilling to send her away. After all, Hagar sowed a joyful seed into the ministry of Abraham, and Abraham was not the type of man to repay good with evil.  Then one night, while Abraham was meditating on the issue, God spoke to him and said, “Abraham, agree with Sarah your wife.”    Abraham agreed and judgment was executed.  Hagar and her child was sent away. You see, Hagar is the type of woman who doesn’t stop until she is stopped. She is the type of woman who is not fit to teach her children.  She teaches heresy and unsound doctrine. She is the type of woman who