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You can recover from a fall.  You can bounce back. You can get back on your feet again with the help of Jesus, and you do not have to remain in the place in which you have fallen. In the book of the Prophet Ezekiel, chapter 37, God revealed three things to the Prophet Ezekiel in a vision--the condition of the House of Israel, their thoughts about themselves, and His plans to restore them. They were the very dry bones in the Valley of Dry Bones in the vision, which signified that they were dead, and for a very long time, and that they had not been given a burial of honor for their bones were scattered all over the Valley.   However, through the word of prophecy, God was going to use the Prophet Ezekiel to speak life into them again. God is getting ready to speak life into you again through his servants the prophets.   So God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy and he prophesied.  You see, prophecy that is not commanded by God is not prophecy at all.  If God did not comma