According to online, the definition for courteous is having or showing good manners; polite.  

Ø Calling people by their names is one way of showing good manners. In some cases, if it is against someone’s culture; then use a courteous suitable alternative, such as sister, brother, pastor, and so on. 

I once knew a woman who used to walk up to me all the time and just begin a conversation without calling my name.  I called her by her name; but for whatever reason she couldn’t find something to call me, and when she did address me, she said something that looks like this “Ehy!”  I found it rude and disrespecting. 

People love to hear their names and need to be addressed by them. Not doing so seems to me, to be a great disservice to them; but more than that, it is a sheer disregard to the precedent that the Almighty God set in the book of Genesis, chapter one, when He named the things He created; then passed it on to Adam who named the animals and his wife.

God never called Adam, “Yo or Ehy” when He was looking for him in the Garden of Eden.  He called Adam by his name (Genesis 2-3).  We should do the same thing, too.  Genesis 3:9, “And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?”  So, my question to you today is where are you with your manners? 

Ø A humble woman calls others by their names or finds a courteous and suitable alternative.  

 By Evangelist Kathy-Ann Michael


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