About 3 years ago, while I was watching Christian Television, the Holy Spirit told me that the individual I was listening to was teaching psychology.  A few days after that, while I was looking at Christian television again, the Holy Spirit told me that another individual was teaching psychology, too.  

I told my husband what the Holy Spirit told me, and I did not think about this anymore.   A few weeks ago, in November 2017, I was watching a video in which someone highly praised one of these individuals, which led me to inquire of the Lord.   The Lord immediately reminded me of the message He gave me 3 years ago concerning these two individuals.   

Now I am embarrassed to let you know that I thought that one of these individuals was teaching something good, and if I thought this I believe that some of you have probably thought the same thing, too.   The only reason I wasn’t fooled is because I have the Holy Spirit and he speaks and reveals things to me, and he will do the same for all who receives him.

Psychology is not food for the flocks of God.  Psychology is not food for the church of God. Psychology is food for the world, it is a thing of the world, and is it any wonder why people are going to their churches by the droves?  

In Acts 20:29-30 the Apostle Paul warned the Ephesians elders for three years straight that “grievous wolves” will enter in among them and that they will not spare the flock.  He also warned them that men will arise from among the elders and speak “perverse” things in order to draw away disciples to themselves. The Lord is saying that this thing exists today.

This is why the Apostle Paul warned the Ephesian elders to feed the church of God, which he has purchased with his own blood (verse 28) all the counsel of God as he did to them; so that the blood of the saints will not be upon their hands, just as the blood of all men were not upon the hands of the Apostle Paul (Acts 20:26).
Children of God, there is a judgment against all the elders who do not feed the church of God the full counsel of God.  They will be found guilty of not keeping God’s commandment.

When the true word of God is taught to the church of God there will be no room at all for the wolves to deceive them with their messages of lies or the perverted leaders to teach them psychology; but when the flocks of God are not taught the true word of God, there is room for them to believe what the false prophets, teachers, and perverted leaders are teaching.

I have brought this message to you because the Spirit of the Lord has asked me to, therefore your blood will not be upon my hands.  It is now up to you to accept it and change or reject it and receive your reward.

If you know you are a leader who teaches psychology to the flocks of God then correct yourself before it is too late because it is not the will of God for His Church to be taught psychology (2 Peter 2:1).    

Truth delivers from lies, wolves, and perverted teachers, and a sheep that is always full of truth will never get hungry for the wolves’ fruits.

Grace and peace be multiplied to you through the knowledge of God
by Evangelist K. Michael


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