Genesis 16 “And Sarai said unto Abram, My wrong be upon thee….”

She had received all the warning signs and, and she instantly knew that she had done wrong.  She had been wrestling with the idea of Hagar playing the role of wife to her husband for a long time, and each time the thought came, a stop light went on in her spirit, but she dismissed it.  

Each time the thought came she felt afraid, yet she dismissed it.  Each time the thought came she felt an uneasiness in her spirit, and yet still she dismissed it.  She probably even had nightmares about it, but she ignored them all.  Finally, the Lord decided that he would let her see the outcome of her foolish thinking and lack of understanding to do something that God had not approved.

Naturally, this idea did not bring her any joy.  It brought her pain and misery instead because it was not the commandment of the Lord.  John 15: 11 gives us the secret of having our joy full. It is a simple one--keep God’s  commandments.   

The Devil knows it and this is the reason why He is always trying to lead you into the wrong path.  You see, the Devil doesn’t have any joy.  He knows his days are numbered, and He envies your joy with the Lord and in the Lord.  He is just looking for some company because like the old saying says, “misery likes company.”

So, don’t listen to him!  Boldly tell him you are going to trust in your God.  You are going to follow His instructions and live by His commandments, and watch that sneaky weasel run away, and if that doesn’t get your joy full.   Well, then I don’t know what will.   

Grace and peace be multiplied to you through the knowledge of God...

By Evangelist K. Michael


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